Friday, June 16, 2006


Its shocking to know that nursery rhymes are more dangerous for children than an average evening watching TV. May be we should not be complaining about english rhymes being replaced by M.P. State Government.

Why do people always criticize moves to introduce mother tongue material in the schools in India? Shouldn't the kids enjoy speaking in their mother tongue rather than a phoren (foreign) one? I think its unfair for young minds to be subjected to literary materials from more than one language.

Is there any study by any one showing the stress effects and corresponding decrease in learning abilities of kids studying in foreign-medium schools vs. mother tongue medium schools?

After Apple, Its the turn of E.ON

Close on the heels of announcement by Apple to shutdown its newly established Bangalore centre, E.ON owned Powergen corporation is to shut down call center operations in India.

Different reasons, same outcome - "Quit India". (Wonder what Mahatma Gandhi would have said to these BPOs?)

I partly agree with their decision that its difficult to answers queries related to energy supplies by call centers located in different countries. Though, I feel that the actual reason is probably customer backlash against outsourcing.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Friday, June 02, 2006

My Strengths

I had recently read the book "Now, Discover Your Strengths" by Marcus Buckingham. I was feeling inspired and went ahead to take the test. Here are my top 5 strengths as discovered by the StrengthsFinder test:

1. Focus
2. Deliberative
3. Learner
4. Intellection
5. Relator

I must admit that I was disappointed by the fact that it wasn't able to guide me towards an ideal profession. They have their reasons, but that left me in dark. What do you think would be the right profession for me?

How Left or Right are you?

This site has a great test to find out how left or right are you. The questions are very intriguing and ask you to pause and reflect on your beliefs.

I am -0.75 on Economic Left/Right scale. I didn't considered myself to be on left. Strange!

I am -2.15 on Social Libertarian/Authoritarian scale.

I'm actually pretty close to Gandhi on this. He being slightly more left than me.