Tuesday, June 15, 2010

180 Pounds and Falling

I have finally hit the scales at less than 180 pounds. The long term weight trend is now bearish. There was a medium strength pull in last couple of days but yesterday's fall has taken me below 180 mark and also established that the trend is continuing to be bearish. I have lost 7 pounds in last 7 weeks and I used to weigh as much as 212 pounds at some time. But those days are gone... I still remain a foodie and perhaps have to work on it more to go further.

Reducing weight is pretty much like traveling close to speed of light. For acceleration, you need to spend more fuel than what you spent previously. (and for additional weight loss, you need to exercise more than previously) And like there is a limit to how much fast you can go, there is a limit to how much final weight loss you can achieve...