Saturday, July 24, 2010

Inception - great movie to watch

Finally, I would say their is a film this year, that I enjoyed thoroughly. One of the best movies ever made. If you haven't seen it, go watch in theaters while you still can.

I like to watch movies on big screen but time constraints and small release window mean that you should be a continuous lookout for good movies and follow them closely to meet their release schedule. It has happened to me more than once that movie I wanted to watch came to India in a period, when I was in USA and the movie was no longer in theaters in USA. Perhaps, for people like me, global release within days of each other helps a lot. Anyone listening...

Outliers.. an interesting read

Just finished reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. A really well complied book and fascinating analysis. Given my slow pace and (lack of) commitment to reading, I did well to finish the book in under 3 months. But the book kept its attention thorough out the period and I keep returning to it whenever the book reading itch got to me.

I like the depth and must confess that similarity of analysis between the way I contemplate and the way he has done. Perhaps, that's what kept me at it. I would recommend this to anyone who care to think different...