Friday, February 09, 2007

Airtel Customer Care

Lately, I am very disappointed with customer care 1-2-1 of Airtel. They have been charging me for some "ringtone club" that I never subscribed and I have to call the customer care to cancel the charges every time (I still end up paying taxes) I get the bill. This is real bad.

To make it worse, this time every time I go to billing CSR, call gets mysteriously disconnected with a disconnect tone. This happened atleast 4-5 times. Finally, I get thru to a CSR ("Hemant") and he agrees to reverse the charges and puts me on hold and call gets disconnected. After several attempts, I get reach a CSR ("Imran") who says that nobody named "Hemant" is there. He says that his system does not work and he can't transfer. I ask for superior and call gets disconnected again. Further attempts again don't go thru. After some attempts I get another CSR ("Lalit") and I ask him not to put me on hold. The call gets disconnected again!!! I got real unhappy and wrote this blog.

Now, the "Lalit" has called me back and told that due to some "technical problem" the call got disconnected and he has given the waiver and asked me to check it next morning.