Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Long time, Lot to say

Plenty of things have happened since my last post so this one may be a big... first I watched couple of movies...

"Dhoom 2" was below expectations except for Hrithik.
"Guru" confirms that Aish is a terrible actress.
"Don 2" was not as bad as I thought though the first one was still better. This one without any songs would have made better experience.

Apple iPhone is looking awesome. I can't wait to get one. But it won't be available till 2008. I know tons of people who are unhappy with PDAs. They are more happy with a fully functional phone and a fully functional laptop rather than carrying a combo that does none in a neat way. They always complain that sound quality on Treo is terrible. I felt the same when I used one briefly. I wondered if using google talk is better option than Treo.

Couple of days back I attended a seminar on "Blue Ocean Strategy". That was good and got me thinking. Also taught me about "yellow tail" wines :)

Finally, I had some time to enjoy Matrix trilogy again on my new LCD TV. This was amazing. I'm more than happy with my choice of Sony Bravia 32". I need to get a UPS now to enjoy the experience non-stop. Only thing I'm worried about is overloading my power outlet. Need to do some maths here.