Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Gruesome Story

This is horrible. Very filmi style. In an orthodox society such as India, this will create further apprehensions about adoption. I bet attention hungry morons at media channels will play adoption as a card to create stories like paraya khoon aakhir paraya hota hai...

We as a nation still have a long way to go to realize the value of a human life. The fact that we are billions+ is not helping either.

The New India

Well, here is an eye-opening article. For the people outside India, at current forex rate, 1 crore Indian Rupees is roughly equivalent to USD $250,783 (see at today's rate here). That's a lot of money, in any country. People are no longer hesitant to talk in millions of dollars.

With rupee appreciating the way it has been, it is hurting the indian economy. Though, these people may be justified in asking for huge sums of money, the gap is widening fast. Quoting above article, 

Noted economist Y K Alagh puts it in perspective when he says, “It’s the hype that counts. This is definitely a post liberalisation phenomena. But the stark difference between the haves and have nots is worrisome. Thousands of people are getting crores and crores of people are only getting thousands. That’s the irony.”

This is definitely a big warning. It is irony that huge population of India (~ 25% or 287 million people or roughly equal to population of USA) still lives on less than a dollar a day.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I am feeling the need to write something, anything... Nothing on mind right now... Actually a lot on mind but since most of that is confidential, nothing is left to share as of now... weather has been crazy here in Bismarck. Yup, that is where I am in case I forget to mention about it, at latitude 46.78 and Longitude -100.75 in a small city. I have learned that Maza in this state is the smallest city in USA! Now I suddenly feel that I'm a BIG city :)